The Portrait Photography Workshop

The Portrait photography workshop was successfully completed on 23rd & 24th November 2019.
Also, many thanks to FUJIFILM- X for associating with the workshop

Food Photography Workshop

This unique Food Photography workshop was held at Sandy’s Bar Library at Hiranandani Estate, Thane. Students from various fields attended this workshop like there were student’s from Rachana Sansad Applied Art Collage, a event photographer who’s wanted to be a food photographer, a yoga trainer & an IT professional.

Pune smart city event

I conducted this workshop on very very interesting & important topic in photography i.e.’FRAMING’ during the Pune Smart City event happened in February 2019 in the heart of Pune city.
Many aspiring photographers from Pune attended this session. All the participants were introduced to various aspects of composition or framing which is the most important thing in photography.

Lighting Workshop

This was an exclusive workshop on lighting organized by DPS, Dombivli Photographer’s Society in 2011. In this workshop I have demonstrated various types of lighting techniques through a lighting & Photography session. Many photography student’s, studio owners as well as function photographers from Dombivli, Kalyan & Ulhasnagar benefited from this unique lighting workshop.

Advance photography workshop

‘Advance Digital photography workshops‘ were held at my Mumbai studio between October 2011 & May 2012.
Students were introduced to DSLR cameras & taught some of the basics of photography like aperture, shutter, exposure & ISO along with very very important topics in photography Depth of field, White Balance & art of Composition or Framing.
Lighting is another very important topic in photography. In the advance workshop students were introduced to various types of light sources and lighting techniques by using different light sources & lighting accessories like Soft boxes, skimmers. reflectors boom stands, gate way flags etc.
Advance digital workshop is a 6 days certificate course (covering all Saturdays & Sundays of the month).
All the topics covered are taught with a demonstration & practicals ( indoor & out door) with experienced models & make up & hair experts.
Advance Digital Photography Workshop is very much useful for amateur photographers who wants to pursue photography as a career.

Basics of photography

These ‘Basic Photography Workshops’ were held in the month of May 2011 in Thane at Kala Bhavan auditorium & also at my Mumbai studio.
As the workshop tag line says ‘Photography Made Easy’ students from various fields were introduced to the fundamentals of photography through a unique presentation & a small demo
which made it easy to understood for all the beginners.
Students understood the science and art of photography and also learnt how to shoot effectively with their mobile, point and shoot & DSLR cameras.
This is an essential course for those who wants to learn or join an Advance Photography Course.