V ery earlier since my childhood I wanted to become an artist, a painter. Even when I was studying in J J’s (Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai) I had a strong inclination towards fine arts. I was doing Photography since my secondary school. Those days I used to shoot landscapes & family portraits with my Yashika Electro 35, a basic range finder camera. But eventually I was becoming more and more curious about this art form & happened to join a photography class and have been hooked up ever since.

After graduation I had a chance to work with Mr.Rafique Ellias for short period of time, Rafique is eminent photographer who unknowingly taught me lessons of simplicity & yet being thoughtful.

After that I worked with Times of India Group and did loads of editorial as well as celebrity shoots. This set a strong foundation for the years to come when I became an independent advertising photographer.

I have done varied assignments from fashion to portraits, food to automobiles & big sets to product shoots. Personally I love candid photography whether it’s people or places. Lately I am drawn in to travel photography and thoroughly enjoyed working on assignments in this genre.

Very often I explore travel photography through self initiated projects where I photograph streets & people in India and around the world. I love to unearth stories hidden in these lively places. In May 2017, I did a trip to Europe to capture moods & landscapes of few cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Florence and Milan to name a few. Chosen images from this trip ended up being my first solo photography show at Jehangir Terrace Gallery, Mumbai in October 2017.

I am instinctive and like to blend in my various candid subjects, which helps me to capture my own expression of a certain moment.
Rajesh Joshi / 9820147465